StratCorp is an investment holding company whose subsidiaries specialise in marketing and distribution of both financial and non-financial products through WealthNet (Pty) Ltd and health products through I-Cura (Pty) Ltd and I-Cura Franchise (Pty) Ltd.


Protecting yourself and your family against unforeseen circumstances is something we believe everyone should consider, whether it’s protecting against premature death, providing for dependants…

Earn Passive Income

Imagine a life, where you make money while you sleep.  Imagine owning your own business that virtually runs itself, earning you a passive income which is received on a regular basis with little…


The key aspect of being financially savvy is to save money, this requires discipline and commitment, and the importance of saving cannot be stressed as emergencies occur.


Have you ever wondered why our ancestors were rarely sick, but it seems like our generation regularly attract all kinds of bad fungus, bacteria and viruses?

We often also hear how strong and energetic our ancestors were, yet we experience weak immune systems, low energy levels and chronic fatigue. Why?

The answer is simple

There is not enough Fulvic Acid in the soil that was once one of nature’s natural substances that ensured that our bodies absorb the crucial nutrients to be able to have a strong, healthy high immune energetic body.